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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Having one of's barrels in our back yard has been great for our kids. My daughter in particular practices frequently during the week and she is able to try new routines and moves learnced at her club. is easy to work with, and their barrels are of the highest quality.

Scott C. - Azusa, CA

LB Barrels provided the clinician barrels for the American Vaulting Association (AVA) 2011 National Convention. Mary McCormick, who was one of the clinicians, said these were "The best barrels I've ever used.

Mary McCormick - American Vaulting Association provided barrels for the Region IV Spirit of Vaulting Conference in Texas. Christoph Lensing was the clinician and gave a list of advantages to our barrels:

  • Adjustable height

  • Just 2 legs instead of 4

  • Flat base under the legs

  • Padded around the edges

  • Density of the padding just right, not too soft or hard

  • The width is good

  • Good quality materials 

Christoph Lensing - Germany

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LB Vaulting Barrels stared in 2009. We stared building barrels for my children and our club. We soon realized there was a need for practical barrels in the equestrian vaulting community. We began making vaulting barrels with adjustable legs. These barrels could adjust from 30" – 48" tall. The features we made them with made them very portable. The legs can be easily removed to fit in tack room, minivan and suv.

We now have 3 styles of handles and a no handle barrel for your surcingle. We make 2 freestyle handles and a round handle design. We fit the handles with a comfort wrap grip.

We also now make custom covers that are water proof, uv resistant and have integrated cosac loops. These custom vaulting barrel covers velcro's around the handles for a tight fit. The covers can be ordered in a variety of colors.

Each of our barrels comes with padding. The padding is 1 3/8" thick, and the barrel is covered with padding on the top half of each end. This means, no more hurt shins.

The end of our vaulting barrels come with convenient handles for moving and the complete barrels are painted black with industrial paint.

We also offer kits to make your own barrels. You can also convert your existing barrel to a very practical barrel. We also make custom covers & pad to fit your existing barrel. Go ahead a see our products pages for prices and pictures and details. Thanks for giving us a look.


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